With one of the industry's best course premises, experienced course leaders and a good professional environment, the conditions are well suited for a rewarding course. With a location right next to Bergen Airport Flesland, you can quickly and efficiently combine courses with possible departures and arrivals offshore.

We offer

  • Course in access technology in accordance with NS 9600:2020
  • Course in fall protection (on request)
  • Various rescue courses regarding work at height (on request)
  • NS 9600:2020 Access technology (TT)

Beerenberg was the first training company to be certified in 2011 in accordance with NS 9600:2010 Work in ropes. This standard has now been revised and we are now a certified training company in accordance with NS 9600:2020 Access technology Part 4: Requirements for training businesses.

For you as a course participant, the revised standard will entail changes in, among other things, the duration of the courses. All levels will now have the same duration, 7 days including 1 day of examination. Re-certifications at all levels have been extended from 3 to 4 days including examination. Level 2 model two has the same duration as before, 10 days including examination.

Class A and B, which were in the two different classes in the previous standard, have been removed from NS 9600:2020.

All applicants must have a valid health certificate that is not older than three years. In addition, there are different requirements for the courses, including age and experience. Look at the individual courses for more details. If the certificate has expired, the candidate can complete a new course at the same or next level if other requirements are met, within 24 months from the expiry date. The required experience hours for admission to a new level must have been accumulated during the last 5 years. The course is physically demanding.

You must use our application form when you apply. Beerenberg confirms or rejects the application to the candidate (or other contact person) and at the same time sends detailed course information. In case of refusal, we give written reasons. The holder of the certificate has full responsibility for ensuring that recertification takes place by the expiry date.

We recommend candidates to plan re-certification already six months before the expiry date and to plan so that it is possible to take two re-certifications before the expiry date.

If you want to take part in a course, but do not speak Norwegian, training can be given in English. This must be agreed in advance with Beerenberg.

The candidate must bring a health certificate and a valid ID card (passport or driver's license) on the first day of the course. If you do not have both a health certificate and a valid ID, the candidate will not be allowed to take the course!

The course must have at least two participants, otherwise it will be cancelled/postponed. If you wish to unsubscribe, you must do so as soon as possible to ttkurs@beerenberg.com so that we can forward the notification to Soft Certification.

- If canceled 15 days before the start of the course, 100% of the course price is refunded. - In case of cancellation 14–8 days before the start, 50% of the course price is invoiced. The certification fee is not invoiced. - In case of cancellation 7-0 days before the start, 100% of the course price is invoiced. The certification fee is not invoiced.

Even if the candidate fails the course, an invoice will be sent. Private individuals must pay for the course in advance with the payment information that comes in the written application confirmation by e-mail. The payment must be documented to the course provider before the course starts.

In the event of a lack of payment documentation, normal invoicing rules apply in case of cancellation.

As a participant, you are insured through Beerenberg Services AS.

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