Ethical Guidelines

It is not just results that count, but how they are achieved.

Beerenberg´s ethical guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone acting on behalf of the company goes about their business in an ethical manner and in line with the company’s values and principles on business practices and personal conduct. 

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Blowing the whistle on unacceptable circumstances

Are you aware of any unacceptable conditions in Beerenberg? You can report the matter here. All reports are taken seriously, and you can submit a report anonymously.

In order for us to maintain our high ethical standards, we depend on the willingness of employees and external parties to report concerns or report violations or potential violations of our ethical guidelines, the company's other policies or applicable legislation. Beerenberg wants to ensure open, honest and transparent communication in the organisation. We therefore want you to speak up when you become aware of or suspect unacceptable behavior or objectionable circumstances.

It is important to us that the whistleblower feels it is safe to speak up. Beerenberg has zero tolerance for those who report objectionable conditions to be exposed to reprisals or reprisals, both from the management and other employees as a result of the report.

Beerenberg has various channels for reporting, so that the whistleblower can report in the way that the whistleblower finds most reassuring, and you can also report anonymously. There are separate routines for employees in Beerenberg, with information easily available on the company's intranet.

By unacceptable circumstances are meant events and practices that are in conflict with legal rules or Beerenberg's ethical guidelines. Examples of breaches of the ethical guidelines can be; corruption, insider trading or other economic crime, violation of human rights and environmental legislation, danger to life and health, harassment and an unsafe working environment, breach of privacy and conflicts of interest.

Please use our digital notification channel, WhistleB. WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre.

The channel gives the whistleblower the opportunity to report anonymously. You will be assigned an ID and password which you must take care of, as it gives you the opportunity to log on to the website, check the status of the case and ask/answer any follow-up questions.

For questions, please contact Compliance & Legal v/Sunniva Parelius Folkvord.


Sunniva Parelius Folkvord

Compliance & Legal Counsel