The new partnership concerns the distribution and sales of Oryza aerogel thermal insulation products particularly interesting for the Building & Construction, Infrastructure, Automotive and Marine industries. In Building & Construction, Oryza aerogel is highly suitable for space-saving and energy-efficient thermal insulation of both new buildings and refurbishment projects. In the Automotive market, it forms part of EV Safe heat shields to protect against thermal runaways of electrical vehicle batteries. Oryza aerogel joins the range of cost-effective and sustainable solutions from Beerenberg. Under the agreement, aerogel-it will exclusively market and sell Oryza aerogel for the Building & Construction industry in the DACH region and the EV Safe heat shield products for the European Automotive market.

“Beerenberg sees aerogel-it as a natural partner due to the unique expertise and experience in aerogel products the team brings to the table in combination with its location in Germany. We see great potential in the aerogel insulation market going forward, and the collaboration with aerogel-it will open up for exciting business opportunities in the future,” says Geir Harris, SVP Business Development in Beerenberg. ”The need for high-performance thermal insulation products will increase in line with the need for energy efficiency  due to the climate change. Through the collaboration with aerogel-it, we can provide advanced materials for excellent thermal insulation and improved sustainability to a larger market.”

“The partnership with Beerenberg enables us to complement our bio-based aerogels with excellent silica aerogel products of the highest performance and fire rating. We are already experiencing a strong trend in the market, as customers are looking for high-performance solutions for extremely limited spaces or improved energy efficiency both in Building & Construction and other industries. Furthermore, we will be able to serve the strong demand of the Electrical Vehicle market for heat shield solutions, where there are only limited offerings in Europe now.”

European approval

aerogel-it and Beerenberg have already delivered first volumes for construction projects and in parallel started the formal approval process for the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and CE marking for the Oryza aerogel products. The ETA is expected for the end of 2023.

Advanced properties

Oryza aerogel is a highly performing thermal insulation material. Compared to conventional thermal insulation materials, Oryza aerogel enables extremely space-saving construction. In energetic renovation, significant amounts of energy can be saved with already thin layers. Oryza aerogel achieves the highest fire class A1 – the material is non-combustible and can withstand exposure to fire without catching fire or emitting toxic gases. Due to advanced dust-control technology Oryza aerogel releases no dust which makes it easy to handle and integrate for customers. Oryza aerogel is lightweight and hydrophobic. Other benefits include reduced construction time and savings resulting from lower material consumption and transportation of materials.

About Beerenberg

Beerenberg is a leading supplier of maintenance and modification services on the Norwegian continental shelf, and a global supplier of insulation products. The group's expertise covers the entire life cycle of the petroleum industry, from field studies and new construction to maintenance, modifications, and life extension. The operative business is organized in Beerenberg Services and its subsidiaries. Headquartered in Bergen, the company has offices in Stavanger, Skien, Poland, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore.

About aerogel-it

aerogel-it is a leading supplier of aerogel products and solutions encompassing aerogels in powder, granule, board, and blanket form. The company develops and manufactures novel bioaerogels and biomineral aerogels based on natural raw materials as green superinsulation materials for improved energy efficiency and decarbonization of numerous industries. aerogel-it also develops new aerogel manufacturing technology to lower the cost of aerogels. With its products it contributes to a circular bioeconomy. Headquartered in Osnabrück, the company has R&D and pilot facilities in Hamburg.