With both online and offline functionality, FieldBuddy can be used to register and re-check scaffolding, read and prepare work packages, register and sign deviations and documentation, as well as report progress on work packages.

We set high requirements for documentation of progress and deviation reporting and final documentation for work carried out. With FieldBuddy, all this can be done out in the field, and we save time through better work processes, says Ole Christian Thømt, Vice President Maintenance, Modifications & Operations in Beerenberg.

Steinar Johansen, who is an avid user of the app at the Brage field in the North Sea, saves 1-2 hours per day compared to the manual work he previously had to do from his office desk. From taking printed documents, an SLR camera and Post-it notes with you on assignments, it's now enough to take FieldBuddy with you.

- We use the app extensively here at Brage. Since there is no wifi out here, we download the work packages before we go out - so that we can work digitally here too. We now take the pictures with the iPad and put them in the work package together with all the documentation. When we get to an area with coverage - the entire job is uploaded automatically, says Steinar Johansen, chairman of Beerenberg.

For the customers, it is also a great advantage that any deviations during quality inspections can be registered, documented and signed there and then. It saves time for both parties.

- Now I can go straight into a job with deviations, and get the customer's signature without having to log on to a PC and download documents, print, sign, scan and save, says Johansen.

We are very pleased that Beerenberg has adopted FieldBuddy. It is very good to be out in the field and look at the deviation and then sign directly in the field, says Frank Storm, head of safety and service at Okea.

The app is further developed, improved and made available for more areas of use in Beerenberg. The goal is a further simplification of everyday life, combined with increased quality through better registration and automation in the processes.