Operations manager Lisbeth Mari Berntsen works closely with Equinor's FLX team for maintenance that extends the life of the Statfjord field. She emphasizes the importance of good collaboration to find the best solutions and appreciates regular office days with the customer.

- The FLX team in Equinor works more closely with the suppliers than other parts of the organisation, and has invited us in to create results. This way we are more involved than is usual in other projects and we are allowed to help influence the result in a completely different way, says Lisbeth Mari Berntsen in Beerenberg.

Reduces costs

The late phase unit aims to find good solutions so that the customer saves maintenance costs, and therefore works in an unconventional way by daily challenging the established.

- We shall be the preferred supplier within the late phase. If the customer doesn't succeed, neither do we. That is why we are constantly trying to find new and better ways to solve the tasks. Here it is about challenging all ways of working, she says.

The goal is less administration, shorter decision-making paths and maintenance for the actual lifetime.

- Here, the team in the sea, as on land, is challenged with the necessity of maintenance and uses its expertise to propose cost-effective solutions that challenge the traditional system. By working as a team with the customer, the decision-making paths are shorter and we can make the necessary decisions more quickly, she says.

Beerenberg will now carry out maintenance on the four installations in FLX, Statfjord A/B/C and Gina Krog. The work is managed from the late phase unit in Stavanger.

- In addition to competence, trust and common goals are absolutely essential for success, she says.

Solves more through broad expertise

The Senfase team does not only work to challenge the traditional, but seeks to solve more of the customer's needs by using its broad expertise. In this way, the team can take on more tasks, through complementary services.

- With the goal of reducing maintenance costs for the customer, we perform a larger proportion of additional services than the other units in the company, and perhaps especially within wrapping and low-complex mechanical tasks such as replacing grating, railings, wind walls and stairs, she says.


Beerenberg's robotization of surface treatment offers great opportunities for facilities offshore and on land. New solutions can make maintenance work more efficient, ensure sustainable maintenance and reduce challenging and taxing tasks for professionals.

- We have very high activity at our installations, where things have to happen quickly, and see even greater potential in the use of robotic solutions going forward, she says.

Strengthens the Stavanger environment

With increased activity and demand for maintenance services and robotic solutions, the company is considering continuing to strengthen its foothold in Stavanger.

About Beerenberg

Beerenberg is a leading supplier of maintenance and modification services on the Norwegian continental shelf, and a global supplier of insulation products. The expertise covers the entire life cycle of the oil and gas industry, from field studies and new construction to maintenance, modifications and life extension. The operative business is organized in Beerenberg Services and its subsidiaries. The company has its head office in Bergen and offices in Stavanger, Skien, Poland, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.