Qualified personnel

Major players in the energy industry know the importance of carefully planned maintenance. While turnarounds allow for necessary maintenance and maintaining safe and efficient operations, the time window to do so is tight. Having access to qualified personnel with turnaround is key to starting production without unplanned production loss.

As a supplier of high-quality maintenance work, Beerenberg has invested in mechanical expertise. Activity has been high.

Mechanical services have been in demand, and we see opportunities for further growth, says VP MMO Ole Christian Thømt.

Complex operations

Beerenberg offers a wide range of maintenance services during turnarounds, including insulation, scaffolding, surface treatment, rope access, habitats and tank cleaning. Mechanical services such as cutting, rig assistance, tank maintenance, grates and habitats make up a large part of the work.

At Statfjord B, 160 cuts with dimensions of up to 30 inches were carried out during a pipe replacement programme. With 30 people working in rotation, the pipes were first cut on site before being emptied by crews from Apply and Beerenberg and then lowered onto ships.

Our multidisciplinary employees handle demanding work around the clock, in situations where successful execution requires considerable precision, explains field manager FLX Johan Taavo.

Since aggressive chemicals cause corrosion and leaks on these installations, regular maintenance is necessary. 

"Flange surfaces on internal tanks become uneven over time due to rust. They are then recoated with Belzona – liquid, hardening steel – to make them completely smooth and thus prevent damage and leaks," he says.