Could you share your reaction upon being announced as the winner of this award?

“I was at work, in a meeting with other Foremen. We had the computer on, and I distinctly heard my name being announced. It was a mix of happiness and surprise for me because I honestly thought the other candidate had a better chance. Soon after, my phone started buzzing with calls, and many colleagues came over to congratulate me. It was a fleeting moment of fame, which felt really nice," he says with a smile.

The competition was though with numerous nominations. What, in your opinion, contributed to your win?

“Well, firstly, I firmly believe that I couldn't have excelled without the support of my colleagues. Each one of them plays a crucial role in my success and contributes significantly to the company's performance.
Moreover, I have a genuine passion for helping others and witnessing their achievements in their roles. Even if they don't explicitly seek my assistance, I always strive to identify ways to support them in performing better. Being accessible and approachable in the workplace is something I value greatly," says Plukas.

Health, security, and environment is important for Romualdas and more than once he has taken proactive measures to improve the safety on- site. 
“A massive oil refinery like Mongstad houses numerous emergency switches positioned near critical equipment. Accidentally triggering one of these switches can severely impact operations. Therefore, when renovating an area, utmost care must be taken when working around them, he explains.

After contemplating various ways to enhance safety, Romualdas devised a solution. 
“I developed a protective box to prevent accidental activation of these buttons while still ensuring accessibility during genuine emergencies. Our client embraced this solution, which is already implemented on- site, he says.

What is a great day at work for you?

"Waking up in a good mood is always a great way to start the day. A positive attitude has a ripple effect and can uplift the entire team, leading to better performance. That's why I often kickstart our day by sharing a joke, setting a positive tone, and hopefully making the day brighter for everyone. In our morning meeting, we start with a review of the A-standard for ensuring safety, compliance, quality, efficiency, and effective risk management. We conduct a thorough inspection of our safety gear, including glasses, gloves, and other equipment, before heading out into the field to begin our tasks, he says.  
Safety is our top priority, and it is essential that all my colleagues return home from work in the same condition as when they arrived," he emphasizes.

Planning is everything!

“Over my years of experience, I've come to understand the volatility of situations, where changes can occur unexpectedly. That's why I always have contingencies in place—plan A, plan B, and sometimes even plan C—to ensure smooth operations every day.  
Additionally, I prioritize preparing my team for upcoming tasks well in advance, allowing them to mentally prepare. Ultimately, a combination of preparedness and positive morale sets the stage for successful days", he concludes.