Maintenance of infrastructure is not new for Beerenberg, which has excelled in the development of more sustainable water and frost protection solutions for tunnels and innovative insulation solutions. The company has also for a number of years supplied scaffolding for bridges.

CEO Arild Apelthun says that the company's experience with large multidisciplinary maintenance projects is a strength that Beerenberg will bring into the new investment area.

- This is an important first step in our investment in this market and we are looking forward to being able to contribute with our expertise in this important area as well, says CEO Arild Apelthun.

He points out that entering a new market will be a learning experience, but that bridge maintenance also has many features in common with other maintenance activities. Here, the company's experience in streamlining maintenance work, ensuring sustainable maintenance and reducing challenging and burdensome work tasks for professionals could help lift the bridge maintenance area forward.

- This is an exciting area for us - which could become an important business area for the company going forward, says Apelthun.

Beerenberg has already entered into two contracts in bridge maintenance, where the work starts in August and should be finished by December. The company expects to receive more maintenance assignments during the autumn.

Rehabilitation of Tunheim bridge on Tynset

Beerenberg has been commissioned to rehabilitate Tunheim bridge on Tynset. This is a 40-metre-long steel girder bridge with a concrete cover and a span of 20 metres, which has damage and defects that affect load-bearing capacity, traffic safety and service life.

The rehabilitation involves mechanical repair of concrete damage, establishment of new edge girders, surface treatment of steel beams and bearings, establishment of joint constructions, removal of asphalt and establishment of a new wear layer, replacement and establishment of railings over bridges and on land, as well as bridge washing and removal of fouling, on - and undercast of pillar.

Rehabilitation of suspension bridge in Fjaler

Beerenberg has also been commissioned to rehabilitate the Storeneset suspension bridge, which connects the island of Lammetun to the mainland in Fjaler municipality in Vestland county. The bridge, which has a span of 95 metres, now needs maintenance after significant damage and deficiencies have been discovered on joints, bridge bearings and railings, as well as localized corrosion on parts of steel which means that repairs are necessary. In the award, Fjaler Municipality placed 80 per cent weight on price and 20 per cent weight on quality, with a focus on both task understanding and competence.

The project team is well prepared for the maintenance work, with experienced professionals and equipment.

- We are already well underway with the start of the maintenance work both in Fjaler and at Tynset, and are looking forward to the continuation, says project manager Sveinung Tenold in Beerenberg.