In the Campos basin just east of Rio de Janeiro, Beerenberg has now finished maintenance of 16 conductors on one of the wellhead platforms. The guide pipes underneath the platform are particularly exposed to wear and tear and maintenance here is an important part of ensuring the lifetime of the facility. Now these pipes have been completely rehabilitated in an efficient and safe manner using a robot, with reduced risk and strain for employees and a reduced environmental footprint.

Efficiency, good HSE and a reduced footprint

The robot Icarus is particularly suitable for such operations on long pipe runs and the quality is also better than with manual work. Even with rigging, which can be complex and time-consuming (video), Icarus ensures that the efficiency of the entire mission increases by 150 percent, compared to traditional maintenance. The most important thing, however, is that the work is done with good HSE and a reduced environmental footprint.

Specially designed technology

The entire mission is carried out with the robot Icarus, which is designed to perform maintenance on pipes. The method provides increased efficiency and safety and has already shown its value on several different assignments in the North Sea.

- Icarus was used to pre-treat conductors on the Troll B and Sleipner A platforms in 2021 and 2022. In connection with the projects, Icarus was further developed to be able to perform more tasks, says Henriksen.

Beerenberg's team of experienced access technicians, robot technicians and project management are dedicated to solving any challenges that may arise.

- Our problem solvers on site provide specific proposals for changes and contribute to improvements and further development of the robot be able to perform more maintenance tasks, along with the technology developers in Remotion. This is the main reason we are successful with this type of assignment, says Henriksen.

Value creation through innovation

Together with Remotion, complete solutions are developed that benefit the customers. Henriksen is clear about the fact that the company does not choose robotization at any cost.

- Our experience is that it is the combination of machine and personnel that gives the optimal effect, in regard to both efficiency and quality. The robots do not replace professional personnel but reduce strain and exposure for our employees. We get to do more for the customer, while at the same time getting a more exciting working day. Robots have now become a natural part of everyday life, says Henriksen.


Reference projects:

1. Troll B platform maintenance

2. Sleipner A platform maintenance

3. Remotion