Parallel to the new light rail tunnel in Bergen is a unique pedestrian and bicycle tunnel of 3 kilometres. The tunnel is one of the longest of its kind and Bybanen Utbygging has put a lot of effort into ensuring a pleasant environment with video surveillance so that both cyclists and pedestrians feel safe and comfortable. This includes soundproofing to reduce the noise level from the 10 large fans in the tunnel. - The acoustic plates dampen the sound very well and you notice it especially when you are next to the plates, in relation to echoes, says project manager Arild Tveit in Bybanen Utbygging.

The sound insulation, which is specially made for Bybanen Utbyggding, consists of perforated stainless steel plates with a thin, non-combustible and hydrophobic insulation mat that has been tested for growth and degradation over time. The material can be washed and exposed to water without getting soaked, which prevents fungus and organic growth.

This is a good example of how we use our experience and solutions from the oil and gas industry and adapt them to the transport needs and the infrastructure market, says CEO of Beerenberg, Arild Apelthun.
Arild Tveit er godt fornøyd med lydisoleringen i gang- og sykkeltunnelen. Foto: Beerenberg.

Arild Tveit is very satisfied with the sound insulation in the pedestrian and bicycle tunnel. Photo: Beerenberg.


For Bybanen Utbyggding, soundproofing is not new in itself, but it is the first time it has been done in this way.

We wanted a durable and hard-wearing insulation solution in Fire Class A, which stands up over time and can withstand washing without additional maintenance work. We have now got that, says Arild Tveit.

Beerenberg has installed more than 440 acoustic panels in the tunnel. When it is now open to traffic, the journey through the tunnel takes approx. 7-8 minutes for cyclists and 30 minutes for pedestrians - and comes with a new station that will become a new, future traffic hub with a transition to buses in all directions.

We hope cyclists and pedestrians will enjoy the new acoustic environment, says Thomas Henriksen, project manager in Beerenberg.

Arild Tveit shows off the technical building in the tunnel, where the acoustic panels have also become a natural part of the visual expression in the room, through lighting that casts shadows on the panels. - It was very nice when we got the lighting and the blue walkway in place, says Tveit.

He also confirms that there have been some cycling trips in the tunnel as project manager in Bybanen Utbygging. - I have cycled a lot in this project!

Arild Tveit viser frem lydisoleringsplatene i tunnelen. Foto: Beerenberg.
Arild Tveit shows off the sound insulation boards in the tunnel. Photo: Beerenberg