BERGEN - April 18th, 2024: The Korean Trade Commission (KTC) has now ruled that Beerenberg and our manufacturer did not infringe Aspen Aerogel's intellectual property rights by selling and distributing Oryza Aerogel.

Aspen Aerogel filed actions against Beerenberg Services AS, Beerenberg Korea Ltd., the Singaporean supplier and the aerogel manufacturer claiming unlawful import and sale of allegedly infringing aerogel products and unfair trade practices.

After extensive investigations of the actions filed by Aspen Aerogel, the KTC has now concluded NON-Infringement in this case, and a detailed explanation of their reasoning will be provided next week. 

The verdict supports Berenberg’s longstanding position that our aerogel products do not infringe any of Aspen Aerogel's rights.

Beerenberg specializes in high-end industrial insulation solutions for passive fire protection, and thermal and acoustic insulation.