Fully rehabilitated

The municipality's assessment was that the bridge either had to be repaired or closed. The choice was repair and Beerenberg received the rehabilitation assignment which included mechanical repair of concrete damage, creation of new edge girders, surface treatment of steel beams and bearings, creation of joint constructions, removal of asphalt and creation of a new wear layer, replacement and creation of railings over bridges and on land, as well bridge washing and removal of fouling, on and under casting of pillars.

Delivery on time and with quality

The municipality is very satisfied with the work.

Beerenberg has shown to have everything in order from day one, and with its own project hotel for teams where all documentation and meeting minutes are easily accessible. It shows professionalism. We have also received the information we have requested during the project, says project manager Stein Jordet in Tynset Municipality.

The project has gone smoothly since its inception, 1-2 weeks behind schedule and with a delivery deadline of 1 December.

The climate can be challenging here with, among other things, floods in the river and cold of minus 25-30 degrees and snow, which is challenging for concrete work. Despite both these challenges and some additional work, the work was carried out in a good way and within the deadline, adds Jordet.

About Tunheim bridge

The bridge from 1937 was part of the main road between Elverum and Trondheim before the new national road came and the municipality took over responsibility. Since then, nothing had been done with it. Maintenance of the 40-metre-long steel girder bridge with a concrete cover and a span of 20 meters was therefore badly needed. Beerenberg won the tender process, where the offers were weighted 80 per cent on price and 20 per cent on implementation.

About Beerenberg

Bridge maintenance is a new investment area for Beerenberg, which is known for being a leading supplier of maintenance and modification services in the oil and gas industry. Maintenance of infrastructure is still not new for Beerenberg, which has excelled in the development of more sustainable water and frost protection solutions for tunnels and innovative insulation solutions. The company has also for several years supplied scaffolding for bridges. The company's experience with large multidisciplinary maintenance projects is a strength that Beerenberg is bringing into the new investment area.