Sniffer tubes

Gas leakage in piping systems can lead to fire and explosion hazards, posing a serious threat to personnel, facilities, and the environment. Wear and tear, CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation), and installation failures can cause leaks. Inspection areas are often inaccessible, and inspection and repair costs are high.

Benarx® Sniffer Tubes enable easy installation and inspection of gas leakage in piping systems. They can be directly mounted on flanges using flange bands and are compatible with inspection ports to indicate condensation leakage. The sniffer tubes and flange bands are supplied pre-assembled.

Boksen består av prefabrikkerte deler som enkelt låses sammen ved hjelp av eksentriske låser


Benarx® steel straps can be installed on all insulation classes where the operating temperature is above ambient temperature (not on cold classes) and below 230°C.

  • Made of SS 316 stainless steel with PTFE packing.
  • Manufactured with inner diameter and belt width compliant with ASME 16.47 and ASME 16.5 flange sizes.
  • Sniffer tubes are available in multiple standard pipe lengths.
  • Prefabricated and ready for on-site installation.
  • Allows for early testing and leakage detection.



Stainless steel eccentric locks

SS316 stainless steel fasteners are used to secure, among other things, detachable fire insulation boxes, covers, panels, and tank insulation.



Steel straps

Tension bands are a crucial accessory for installing a wide range of insulation systems, especially for pipe insulation. Tension bands are available in multiple material grades and dimensions.



Alu Foil/ tape

Aluminum foils and tape are widely used in the oil and gas industry as vapor or water barriers, as well as to protect and distribute heat around pipelines.