Acoustic insulation of pipes and process equipment

Insulation classes 6, 7 and 8 in NORSOK M-004 specify acoustic insulation to ensure that noise emissions from pipes, valves, flanges and equipment meet the area noise requirements for the working environment as given in NORSOK S-002.

Based on documented insertion loss, each project can choose the appropriate sound class and select materials or combinations of materials to cover the required insertion loss at actual frequencies.

Combination classes such as class 56 (fire and acoustics), 46 (frost protection and acoustics) and 26 (cold preservation and acoustics) are also common, and here Beerenberg's self-developed insulation systems offer great space, weight and installation savings compared to traditional insulation systems for combination classes. This is because Beerenberg has carried out both thermal, fire and acoustic testing on each combination class - which means that you do not need to "put one class on top of another".

All systems must be tested and the insertion loss documented in accordance with the measurement procedure outlined in ISO 15665, point 10. All materials must also be tested and approved in the combination itself.

The Benarx® range of acoustic insulation products is designed to reduce the noise level both from pipes and valves, and from larger equipment.