The Gullfaks C platform needed to rehabilitate and build a new hand washing station outside the canteen and Beerenberg solved the task.

The upgrade led to a shorter waiting time to enter the canteen, even with a heavy covid washing routine. There was also no occupation of nearby toilets just for hand washing.

Beerenberg offers architectural services for several reasons:

  • A "one-stop-shop" for architectural services, with quality deliveries from A-Z
  • Thorough and efficient planning in collaboration with the customer
  • Beerenberg has highly qualified personnel within architectural services, and we are more than willing to complete the job in its entirety
  • Beerenberg has strong partnerships in material procurement, to ensure the right quality, at the right price and successful completion of the job
  • Beerenberg attaches great importance to maintaining good communication and cooperation with the customer and relevant stakeholders in order to coordinate the work as efficiently as possible
  • Beerenberg's architectural department consists of multidisciplinary operators who can carry out the entire job from A to Z. This saves our customers time, personnel on board (POB), and additional expenses