Our electrical service is carried out by highly competent personnel who are accurate in their work and available at short notice. Beerenberg supplies most services within installation, modification and maintenance

Our electricians have multi-competence in electrical and access technology, as well as scaffolding. This gives us an advantage in solving electrical tasks in areas with poor access. Our electricians are also involved in Beerenberg's investment in robotization, where they are part of robot teams with technical support.


We offer a tailor-made and total solution where Beerenberg carries out the assessment, calculation, construction of work orders and estimates and prepares offers. In addition, follow-up is carried out during the process, and reporting on completion or simple call-offs.

If necessary, we have our own project managers who can organize the work and coordinate internally with our customers.



Our own developed system Sveisolat® gives you the flexibility you need during operation. First introduced on the Norwegian continental shelf in 2002 and has proven superior to existing habitat solutions in a number of areas. Sveisolat® is a complete solution for carrying out hot work in a safe working environment on oil and gas plants while production is in progress.


Sveisolat® :

  • consists of an overpressure tent that is adapted exactly to the area to be insulated
  • satisfies all operator and authority requirements, both offshore and on land-based facilities
  • is developed and improved continuously in close cooperation with our clients
  • is made up of modules and has, among other things, penetration cloths that can be threaded over small and large pipe structures
  • are built in the sizes and shapes that are most practical for the task and that provide the greatest possible safety. Skirt cloths enable welding on the deck
  • for safe use of an open flame without shutting down

More about Sveisolat

Sveisolat® can also be supplied as stand-alone gas monitoring.

As well as being used for zone monitoring, control and lowering of, among other things:

  • Well maintenance
  • Pigging
  • Areas where gas detection is out of order/blocked or absent (sniffer)


Habitat can also be used as a temporary ventilation system, such as for example:

  • Move air between areas
  • Cool down systems
  • Heating of areas by connecting a heating fan, e.g. for surface work
  • Create a safe working environment where shielding of the surroundings is a requirement
  • Equipped with a gas detector in the air intake which causes the damper to close when gases are detected


The heart of the systems is the Mobil Gas Detection unit (MGD). This controls and monitors all barriers and processes, as well as all equipment. Upon detection of hydrocarbons, the MGD will trigger an alarm and shut down the welding machine or all tools - either electric or air-powered.


Sveisolat® is part of Beerenberg's technology concept for cold work: Cold Work Concepts