Energy efficiency improvement

Energy efficiency is the art of utilizing and conserving the energy we use in a more efficient way. It's about insulating smarter, with sustainable materials, and about reducing energy consumption and CO2 footprint!

The electrification that is taking place in the oil and gas industry and in industry in general is setting new framework conditions for energy consumption. Gas turbines powered by abundantly available amounts of cheap gas must, for example, be replaced with non-exhaustible electrical power.

The field of insulation in industry has historically focused on the smallest and thinnest insulation possible. This attitude must be reversed if Norway is to succeed in electrification and the transformation that lies ahead. A prerequisite for success is that we also manage to use less electricity and get more out of each kWh.

At the same time, it is a fact that large parts of insulation today are torn down and thrown away after a short lifespan in connection with maintenance campaigns where the insulation systems are replaced all around in various facilities. This is insulation which in itself has a significant CO2 footprint linked to production, transport and waste management linked to the insulation. By using insulation systems that are intended for reuse, we can make significant climate savings and at the same time save maintenance costs.

Beerenberg offers a range of services within energy efficiency and CO2-reducing measures within thermal insulation:

  • Inspection, rise and identification of heat loss, cold bridges and identification of undersized insulation systems
  • Design, optimization and lifetime calculations of CO2 emissions, energy consumption and maintenance costs for insulation systems
  • Thickness optimization of technical insulation
  • Engineering and design of reusable insulation systems
  • Guidance with regard to the reuse of insulation components when re-insulating existing insulation.