There was a drilling stop at Kvitebjørn in spring 2022 and during this period is only when you have access to pipe decks, weather decks and sack stoves. Three different job packages were set up for the different areas: pipe deck and weather deck and sack stove. In order to achieve an efficient solution to the assignment, we chose to collect these jobs into a combined robot package of approx. 1400 sq m.


To ensure the greatest possible efficiency and to require the fewest possible POB, the Spiderjet ® becomes the preferred option to solve the mission. It was a mobilization where the duration of the project was only 12 days at Kvitebjørn.



  • About 4 times as effective as traditional methods
  • Requires fewer POBs
  • Waste from pretreatment is collected
  • HSE benefits, less strain and noise for operators