As a central part of the search for new technology, robotic solutions are used in surface treatment, and together with Remotion we have developed several robots.

In wrapping, a robot, Icarus, has been developed:

  • Pipe climbing robot with automated pre-processing
  • Application of Stopaq with 360 degree ranges
  • Universal robot with several tool options
  • Particularly suitable for operation on long pipe runs
  • The quality will be better than manual work
  • Efficiency is considerably higher compared to traditional maintenance
  • Attaches using hydraulics and can be used on several dimensions and surfaces
  • The waste is collected by using the UHT flush together with a vacuum
  • Works great for cleaning, inspecting and wrapping pipes

The robot, Icarus

Icarus is designed to carry out maintenance on pipes, where the method results in safety and efficiency. The robot has been used in several projects on various platforms, and in connection with the projects, Icarus was further developed to be able to perform more tasks.


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