What do we do with robots?

Beerenberg has robotic solutions that cover several areas within surface treatment. Through the execution of varied assignments, we have built up solid knowledge for the implementation of versatile robot projects. We offer a holistic delivery with facilitation, planning, execution and documentation, with a focus on HSE, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

​The robots are increasingly used in areas where we can solve extensive pre-processing jobs without large scaffolding. The various robots and tools provide a wide range of possible applications:

  • Including tires
  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Tube
  • Inside and outside tanks
  • Conductors/caissons
  • Structure


By using robots in maintenance work, there are several advantages:

  • Great health benefits through less strain on the body for the operator  ​
  • Sustainable gains from the collection of paint waste ​
  • Reduced CO2 emissions ​
  • Very good quality of pre-treated surface
  • Far more effective implementation than traditional methods
  • Reduced need for scaffolding on large surfaces ​


Together with our subsidiary, Remotion, we have developed several robot solutions in accordance with our customers' needs and expectations. Our experience is that the combination of machine and personnel gives the effect we want, both with regard to efficiency and quality. The robots do not replace professional personnel, but reduce strain and exposure for our employees.

We have thus built a versatile robot park, in collaboration with our subsidiary, Remotion.