In connection with the life extension of 16 mooring lines on the Gjøa platform, there was a need for cleaning and inspection of approx. 25 meters of platform chain on all lines.

The scope in question concerned the part of the anchoring line which is most in contact with the splash zone and which goes down through the platform's guide wheel, approx. 12 meters below sea level. The work is large and demanding, especially if cleaning and inspection are planned to be carried out from the deck.

Beerenberg solved the task of automated cleaning before carrying out a visual and NDT inspection of the anchor chain using access technology (TT).

Advantages of using an automated cleaning tool for anchor chains:

  • Cost-saving and efficient work using market-leading technology
    Reduced exposure to noise and better ergonomic working conditions for performing personnel
    Reduced need for cleaning and better hygienic working conditions
Automatisert rengjøringsverktøy for ankerkjettinger.
Automated cleaning tool for anchor chains.