We set new standars in efficiency, optimization and reliability. 

Subsea insulation

Beerenberg supplies first-class insulation solutions for subsea installations  internationally. We have cutting-edge expertise in thermal insulation and use insulation material with unique HSE performance and quality that lasts.

Contact us for the design, production and implementation of cost-effective, flexible and seamless projects worldwide.


Subsea testing

Beerenberg supplies everything within Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) services, and has extensive experience with testing within subsea equipment and SURF. Our strength lies in our optimization and transformation capabilities, which set us apart in the industry.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Our subject experts carry out the testing with safety, quality and reliability.

Our pressure testing services

Contact us for pressure testing of all operating systems in pipelines, valves, containers, system lines, connections and more. We carry out liquid filling for corrosion protection during transport and/or immersion, functional testing of valves, torque testing and leakage testing after pressure testing, and break-out testing of valves.

We also carry out hydraulic oil flushing with automatic particle counting, cleanliness control of hydraulic systems including hydraulic valves, non-return valves and function tests that are typical for umbilical and manifold systems. We also carry out mechanical testing when required along with bolt tightening and video inspection after cleaning.

Our subject experts carry out the testing with safety, quality and reliability.

We carry out everything within FAT testing;

  • Hydro jetting and cleaning of large pipes
  • Water flushing at high speed or clean air flushing
  • Video inspection and documentation of cleaning
  • Soft pegging of empty lines
  • Hot oil flushing
  • Pressure testing
  • Leakage and functional testing of pipelines and valves
  • Break out full differential pressure testing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Cleaning of tanks/vessels
  • Bolt tensioning services
  • Flange testing
  • Pipe conservation
  • Navel testing
  • Mechanical testing