Insulation is critical for stable operation, energy efficiency, and safety. We offer all types of insulation - thermal, fire, acoustic and personnel protection.

We carry out insulation work within all insulation classes, on a small and large scale.

Beerenberg supplies complete and total insulation solutions within all insulation classes according to NORSOK or current specifications.

Beerenberg has developed cost-effective solutions and insulation products that meet the industry's challenges with regard to corrosion during insulation, low lifetime costs and quick installation (reduced need for personnel).

Our specialists work continuously to offer solutions that meet the customer's needs.

Within insulation, we supply, among other things:

  • Traditional insulation
  • Benarx insulation products
  • Digital measurement and 3D scanning
  • Traditional surveying
  • Supervision and inspection
  • Courses and site tests
  • Asbestos remediation
  • Prefabricated solutions
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