The assignment builds on the good cooperation at Statfjord since the FLX establishment in 2020, where Beerenberg now carries out maintenance on the four installations in FLX, Statfjord A/B/C and Gina Krog. For Beerenberg, the assignment is recognition of the work during the period.

Our focus is to contribute to more cost-effective maintenance, carried out with safety and a reduced footprint. The last three years with FLX show that we have been very successful in this, says CEO Arild Apelthun in Beerenberg.

Lisbeth Mari Berntsen in Beerenberg points out the importance that FLX has created a culture to challenge the established, which has taken supplier collaboration to a new level.

- FLX gives us the opportunity to think anew, and involves us in a way that makes it possible to create results. Here we are allowed to think new things and challenge the established in the work to find good solutions, says operations manager Lisbeth Mari Berntsen at Beerenberg's office in Stavanger.

She emphasizes that they do not work traditionally. Together with the customer, they turn over all stones.

We do not succeed if the customer does not succeed. Here it is about challenging all ways of working to find good solutions that improve safety results and reduce costs, in close cooperation with the customer, adds Berntsen.

Strengthens presence in Stavanger

The maintenance work at Gina Krog will be part of Beerenberg's Senfase unit and will be managed from Stavanger. With increased activity and demand for services, the company is considering strengthening its foothold in Stavanger.

- There is a great need for our services both in the FLX axis and for robotic solutions through our subsidiary Remotion. We are therefore now looking at the opportunity to strengthen our presence in Stavanger, says CEO Arild Apelthun in Beerenberg.

Gina Krog, which is located 30 km northwest of Sleipner, began production in June 2017.

About Beerenberg

Beerenberg is a leading supplier of maintenance and modification services on the Norwegian continental shelf, and a global supplier of insulation products. The expertise covers the entire life cycle of the oil and gas industry, from field studies and new construction to maintenance, modifications and life extension. The operative business is organized in Beerenberg Services and its subsidiaries. The company has its head office in Bergen and offices in Stavanger, Skien, Poland, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore.