We have more than 30 years' experience with scaffolding, both traditional scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, oversea scaffolding and rolling scaffolding and more.

We offer all relevant scaffolding services within our service areas.


Scaffolding is the preferred method for providing access to a work area if several disciplines are involved, the work extends over a long period of time, or if the work involves a risk that cannot be handled in a good way with other access methods.

Scaffold constructions are a temporary construction that can cover many needs. Examples of areas of use for scaffolding beyond providing access to a work area include: work tables, shelving, frames for covering and weather protection, temporary railings, floors etc.


Maintenance and modification work often takes place in hard-to-reach places, and in many cases scaffolding is a prerequisite for getting the job done.

3D modeling

Use of 3D modeling of scaffolding helps to make scaffolding planning more efficient.

  • Greater accuracy when planning scaffolding
  • Better control of orders and deliveries
  • Fewer conflicts and reconstructions
  • Increased understanding between different disciplines and scaffold users
  • HSE control in 3D
  • Locking the design - interaction with the customer
  • Visualization of facilities 


Our expertise in scaffolding design and assembly ensures that you get safe scaffolding, tailored to your project needs. With our experienced team and high quality workmanship, you can be sure that your project starts on a solid foundation.



Scaffolders at work at Mongstad.
Scaffolders at work at Mongstad.


Project implementation

We have an extensive equipment park, extensive experience and are ready to carry out projects of any size and complexity. Through digital solutions, we also ensure good and accessible documentation and reporting of services provided.

A safe choice

Safety in execution and security in our delivered solutions are always our first priority. An uncompromising approach to safety has made us the preferred choice for project managers and contractors who value health and safety.

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