Beerenberg supplies mechanical personnel with multi-competence in technology, rigging and cold cutting. This gives us an advantage in solving challenging mechanical tasks in areas with limited access. We have extensive experience in machining, drilling and complex rigging operations where strict requirements and quality are emphasized.

Within mechanical services, we can offer comprehensive solutions within:

Cutting with diamond wire is an efficient and flexible method that is well suited for both small and large cutting operations. Beerenberg offers self-developed solutions for cutting with diamond wire that provide high precision and enable us to get to difficult places.

Diamond wire cutting is part of Beerenberg's technology concept for cold work; Cold Work Concepts.

Beerenberg offers some of today's most advanced mobile machining solutions. By carrying out such work "on-site", the need for dismantling, shipping and logistics and re-installation of equipment will be minimized, and in this way downtime at the facility will be minimized.

Beerenberg's mobile machining methods:

  • Mobile milling
  • Clam Shell
  • Line drilling
  • Flange machining

Beerenberg has established its own TT teams for carrying out grating and structure projects. They specialize in replacing grating without the need for scaffolding and other costly elements.

We carry out surveying, engineering, ordering, delivery and installation of grating. We use both composite and steel grating.

The advantages of using our grating service:

  • Own teams
  • No structural changes
  • Fits new fasteners where necessary
  • No need for assistance
  • Adapted tool boxes with necessary equipment
  • Effective solutions without the need for scaffolding

The combination of access technique and Beerenberg's mobile equipment enables completely new solutions for carrying out mechanical work with a minimum of personnel and equipment. We can offer competent personnel for complex rigging and lifting operations. We also carry out our own engineering with lifting plans, weight control and structural analyses.

Some of what we can offer:

  • Rigging of equipment across under the top side
  • Safe transport of corroded structures
  • Hand shake with ship or platform crane
  • Lifting of heavier components, >2 tonnes


Our methods and machines can easily be delivered as cold solutions, which ensures that productivity is maintained when needed. We also offer specially designed projects for everything from the installation of mechanical equipment to demanding lifting operations.


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